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Lily Lacey-Hastings 

Art Historian

First Class BA (Hons) Art History and Heritage Management 

At a time when life felt broken, art was a panacea, a cure-all, a remedy that restored my bleak soul. It became an open window, letting in the first fragile rays of light, welcoming the warmth of hope. A beacon in a storm. Art has the power to speak across the years, to transcend the centuries, it moves and comforts, inspires and infuriates. It causes tears to be shed and questions to be raised. A BA in Art History and Heritage Management opened my eyes to the beauty of art, made me into a subtle, discerning observer, made me notice the Cabbage White butterfly on a Dutch Golden Age still-life, and the almost indistinguishable veil on an Italian renaissance master. I am intrigued by, drawn to the unbroken link between the historic and the contemporary, the dead and the living, the old and the new. Join me, become lost in the treasures of my Wunderkammer, in the wonders of modern art. 

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