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Greetings From Lockdown

A thought from a distance, love from afar, a daily tonic through the letterbox in an isolated world. Covid-19 insidiously seeped from east to west, made its implacable way, stained its unforgiving path. On March 23, the UK went into lockdown, the next day, the Wunderkammer postcard challenge began. A self-portrait in pastel, a landscape in watercolour, a still-life in oil reached a hand, bridged the distance, stepped across the divide. A candle of warmth, flickers of wavering light in a heavy cloak of darkness. Each postcard, from Scandinavia to South Africa, from Australia to America, from the Netherlands to Portugal, from Yorkshire to Cornwall, carried the strength of human generosity and warmth. Art, the panacea for sorrow, loneliness, fear. Art, the bearer of hope and joy. Standing together, uniting in challenging times. A Wunder, a treasure sealed in a bell jar.

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